Wednesday, January 27, 2021

2021 - The Pandemic and Photography

 Hello folks!
It's crazy coming into 2021 and realizing just how much the landscape has changed in the last year. We officially passed the 1 year mark of confirmed COVID in the US last week and we're rapidly approaching the 1 year mark of confirmed COVID in Wisconsin. It's really truly mind blowing that a whole year has gone by.

COVID-19 changed many aspects of everyone's daily lives. Schools have been closed, some are still closed. Many office based professionals are working from home and now balancing assisting children and working. Grocery pick up and delivery has skyrocketed. Eating in a restaurant is a totally different thing!

It has impacted portrait photography as well! We have though found many ways to remain as safe as possible and still document those precious memories! I'll review and recap some below and then we'll get onto some of the specials I have for the next couple months.

When you book a studio session with Ashley Marie Photography we are taking all of the COVID protocols in consideration. This means we are limiting the number of sessions in the studio each and every day. You will never be back-to-back with another session as we are booking with ample time to sanitize touch surfaces between clients. We have both soft and hard surface sanitizers being utilized throughout the studio, however, they require several minutes to be effective which is one reason we space Clients out.
I will always be masked during our time together. Anyone not being photographed is to be masked while on the premise. It is a general building policy everyone is masked in transit through the hallways.
Children under 5 years old do not need to be masked per the local mask mandate.
Rest assured - you are not required to be masked for your portraits though! I am shooting with a longer lens and we work to maintain distance as much as it makes sense, however, I will still be ensuring you don't have things like stray hair, fuzzies, or clothing mishaps which may require closer contact.

Newborns are still very welcome in studio. Newborn shoots do require closer proximity with myself and the newborn. My pledge to you is that I will never perform our session if myself or anyone in my family is feeling ill or has a recent exposure to COVID-19. I ask the same of my clients. The great news is - there's still flexibility in a newborn session and I have been successful beyond the 2-3 week mark with several newborns so if we have to delay it'll be ok! I also have a fellow photographer that can assist with a backup if absolutely needed.

If you are uncomfortable with a studio setting - I am thrilled to go outdoors even in the winter! I love snow photos!!!! We can find a way to make them fun for everyone in the family! Personally, I'd love the opportunity to do a lifestyle type shoot of a family sledding!

Ok, on to the good stuff! Through the beginning of 2021 I want to offer some specials for everyone!!! Please review exclusions and deadline dates as well!

Please email or go here to submit a session request.

Newborn & Grow With Me Sessions

Newborn sessions are 10% off if booked before February 28th. Your newborn session can occur any time in 2021! Our new Newborn packages offer more flexibility and opportunity to meet exactly what you're wanting within your budget!

Senior & Portrait Sessions

Now is the time to start planning your senior, family and child portraits for 2021!!!! Take 20% off for Deluxe sessions and 10% off of Classic sessions. You must book your senior session by March 31st for any time in 2021.